5 Fitness Hacks for when Life gets too Busy


When Louise isn’t working full-time at the Marketing Department for Tourism Ireland focusing on Digital PR, she maintains her Lifestyle, Fashion & Travel Blog, louisecooney.com.


La Femme Projects wanted to find out how she stays fit with her busy travel and work schedule. We met up with her in Dublin for a quick chat on the Docks.


Here are Louise’s 5 Life-Hacks that will resonate with all of us.  P.S. Like her outfit? Click on the photo to direct you to her outfit!




This has made all the difference for me – my gym is literally a two minute walk from my apartment so I never have an excuse to skip it!





If you’re like me and your days are already filled to the brim with work and other things – but you want to commit to being healthier, it’s about making a sacrifice. For me, half an hour in the morning or in the evening is nothing in comparison to how much better I feel after exercising. I have more energy, am in better form and feel a lot happier in general. I also find when I book into a morning class I’ll move a lot faster rather than taking my time checking all my apps before getting out of bed!




I’m sure many people can relate to the ‘falling of the wagon’ feeling if you miss the gym for a couple days or weeks in a row. The main thing is to not be too hard on yourself. If you don’t have as much time as you’d like, just do what you can. It will maintain your fitness and keep you on that wagon!



If you don’t have the time to hit the gym every day that’s ok. You can learn some at-home exercises for your problem areas and practice these on your days off (even for 10/15 mins) to continue strengthening these areas.





I really think the the key to living a healthier life is to live an active one. Walk when you can and make sure you fill your days with activities that excite you. I use a step counter on my phone to track my activity. I’m not strict on myself with it. I just think think it’s good to be aware of how active you are on daily/weekly basis.


Credits: Louise Cooney, Brid O’Donovan

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