The Beautiful World of Camilla

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La Femme Projects isn’t just about the active wear. We are about the active woman, her lifestyle, her wellness, and her beauty.


And that is why we love to feature women who embody La Femme. This week we met with Camilla Bauer, founder and creative force behind @ABeautyBoost. Born in Copenhagen, and based in Amsterdam, the Danish beauty is a certificated skin therapist, yoga teacher and is the freelance writer and digital editor for GO Beauty, a popular Danish magazine focused on beauty and trends – talk about a schedule dedicated to beauty and wellness!




Camilla on staying Fit and Healthy, both Inside and Out…


A couple of years ago I realized that I simply don’t have enough self discipline to work out by myself. I work out at least 3 times a week, but never go to the gym to work out by my self, I always sign up for classes, and then I kick ass!


Comfortable workout wear is a must! And why not look stylish at the same time? That is why I love La Femme Projects, the brand gives me both!


Working as a skin therapist, I know that beauty comes from the inside! I try to eat healthy without being fanatic. I love food, a good glass of wine and on top of that, I also have a weak spot for chocolate – the keyword is moderation!


I always take supplements to make sure I get all the vitamins, minerals, seeds, herbs and antioxidants I need, and Vitaviva gives me exactly that! (I’ll take Vitamax, Organic Coconut oil and 3 in 1 beauty booster).


And remember, if you want to stay young, beautiful and healthy then ALWAYS remember to put on sunscreen!




On maintaining beautiful skin…


I never travel without these 4 products in my bag:


(1) My favourite Hyaluronic mask from Magicstripes – my skin feels so dehydrated after flying.

(2) Facemist from Mario Badescu

(3) Hand cream from Natura Siberica

(4) Calm balm from Karmameju for my lips


I usually bring my resistance band when I travel, because there is no excuse for not doing some leg exercises – and of course I never travel without a bottle of water.

beauty essentials


Camilla’s quick, makeup secrets:


During the day I don’t really wear a lot of makeup. When it comes to our skin, less should be more.  When my skin needs a quick little boost, here are the products that I use:


1. I love my C.C cream from PH Formula with SPF 30, it gives me glow and evens out the color difference of the skin.

2. Except from that, I use my lash curler to make my eyes look more open, and my Brow seal from Makeup Forever.

3. A little Mineralize blush from Mac on the cheeks, a little lipgloss and voila I’m ready!




Camilla Bauer is wearing Lucas Hugh | Location: Amsterdam | Photography by Alberto Bobbera



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