A Life Well-Balanced with…

Olivia Cooney

No one can attest more to a fit and balanced lifestyle other than Olivia Cooney. The former London-based PR girl turned fitness entrepreneur, has built (and is continuing to expand) not just a successful career in the field, but also a lifestyle around well-being.


In 2014, Olivia founded Pop-Up Fitness, a fitness-wellness vacation concept for those with a luxury taste for travel. Today, her world famous retreats are listed by the likes of Conde Nast 2015, Vogue & Women’s Health Magazine. They will transport you to luxurious, peaceful destinations and give you the much needed attention our busy lives deserve. In between the retreats, Olivia is a personal trainer to the celebrity elite, an instructor at Amsterdam’s latest spinning craze, Rocycle Studios, and an ambassador to several well-known brands in the jet-set sphere.


La Femme Projects caught up with Olivia at the newly renovated rooftop of the W-Hotel in Amsterdam on her personal fitness regime, balanced living, and some of her favorite luxury hotels that tailor to the fit-inclined woman.


Personal Fitness


How do you stay fit in between your insane work schedule?


My own personal fitness regime has to be adaptable to my location. When I’m not hosting retreats in Ibiza, South of France or Gstaad, or traveling between London & Amsterdam to meet clients, I like to run. I can do it anywhere and I keep it to 5-6km, incorporating bodyweight resistance such as double squat jumps onto park benches, push ups, tricep dips and some side planks.


My go-to sport is boxing and I’m addicted to it. I trained in Thailand a few years ago and haven’t stopped since – whenever I’m in London I make sure I schedule time in to see my ex-military friend. Now I show him who’s the boss!


Other than that my favorite workouts are now ROCYCLE classes that I instruct at the Amsterdam studios and the best part of my job is that my own fitness is already taken care of.




You talk about being balanced as the utmost important facet to all your clients. How do you stay in-balance in today’s world where much of us are pursuing several agendas?


Balance is key to our health and life- and by this I mean it’s not just physical. Tending to our emotional well-being is often overlooked. I need to enjoy what I am doing with my fitness, work and personal life and the minute I sacrifice my happiness for work or fitness I’m off balance- where’s the fun in that?


I like to schedule my week ahead filling my diary with work and play dates, not only with others but with myself.  My top tip is to plan a ‘date’ with yourself to do your favorite workout somewhere mid-week and also add something indulgent like nails, hair treatment or massages… My motto is “work hard and reward well”, so get burning rubber Monday through Friday and reward yourself with a new outfit or shoes on Saturday- you’ve earned it!




Where are some of your favorite places in the EU and UK that tailor to a wellness/fitness woman, on-the go, whether she’s there for business or vacation?


I link Pop-Up Fitness in with the very top hotels of the world. I am proud of my partners and what they represent when it comes to their approach to health and fitness.  W Hotels are a trusted brand globally and I am proud to work very closely with them. From the minute you walk through their doors you feel like you are a priority to everyone who works there.  I regularly provide workouts at Amsterdam W on their spectacular rooftop that overlooks the palace and even has a heated outdoor pool should you want a little post pop-up cool down.


We are set to travel around the European chains so keep your ear to the ground, we could be near you soon!  Back in the UK, Ston Easton Park is my partner and favorite place to escape to -with 36 acres of private land, as a guest you have what seems like endless running routes and park land to stroll through, we run retreats here for long weekends in UK summertime through August.  


I’m excited to announce that we are now partnering with Grand Hotel Park in Gstaad, Switzerland – a gem within the mountains. Our next retreat will be this coming September and the package will include access to Tennis courts, salt pools, golf courses, bike routes, mountain runs as well as a private excursion to visit the mountain ‘Peak walk’. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity all for the cause of encouraging health and fitness. Ultimately, what separates these hotels is the superb luxury and 5 star silver service that makes you feel like kings and queens.






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