Love Your Bod – Fitness Party

lafemmeprojects fitness event at the W Amsterdam

If you’ve been following our Instagram and Facebook posts lately, then you may have seen a surge of photos from our first (ever) fitness party at the W-Amsterdam.


The purpose of our event was to introduce the La Femme experience, which we aim to create both online and offline.  Yes, La Femme’s customer following is fit-conscious, wellness-loving, jet-setting, ambitious, and refined. But in the digital age where anyone can be envious of another person’s Instagram posts of picturesque travels, toned bodies, newly purchased luxury bags and perfectly assembled food – we wanted to give our guests an opportunity to kick back and Love her Bod.


We asked guests to dress in their activewear and sports gear. “A party at the W where I don’t have to make myself up?” reacted one guest. Well yes, because La Femme’s confidence starts from within.






Guests were welcomed at the W Amsterdam’s Great Room – which by the way, is atypical of any hotel conference room. Very quickly, guests noticed that it is indeed a GREAT Room.


Cold-Pressed Juices and Infused Waters were flowing as guests arrived and were gifted with Goodie Bags – sponsored by La Femme and partners, Lucas Hugh, VitaViva Vitamins and C. Cosmetics. Giving you a 360 view of Fitness, Fashion and Wellness.


Two widescreens projected a slideshow of La Femme’s curated collections from Lucas Hugh, Michi-NY and Olympia Activewar. As the event began there were introductions from La Femme’s founder Kristie de Groot, Lucas Hugh’s founder and Creative director Anjhe Mules, and VitaViva Vitamins ambassador Camilla Bauer.






Then came the workout led by Olivia Cooney, founder of Pop-Up Luxury Fitness Retreats and Celeb in her own right, fashionably dressed in Lucas Hugh and orchestrating movements to the curated tunes of Ivvy-Chloe.


For some of our guests, it was their second workout of the day! For others, it was their first (And worst) workout in weeks as Olivia spared no mercy to the crowd.






Post-Workout, we were amazed to see endorphins were clearly skyrocketing out of the Great Room as guests were treated to a healthy post-workout offering of veggies, hummus, bananas, quinoa salad, more smoothies and of course Prosecco!






Camilla Bauer recapped VitaViva Vitamins to the audience and Kristie de Groot delivered a short presentation on the world of La Femme and the sports trends for Spring / Summer 2017. And Anjhe Mules introduced Lucas Hugh’s 2017 collections.









The party continued to live beats from the DJ, and by the closure of the event we were pleased to get to know our customers better, meet new customers and members of the Press. The only complaint that we received post event was of guests and their muscles being sore!


Thanks to everyone who attended and an especially big thanks to VitaViva World, Pop-Up Fitness Retreats, Ivvy-Chloe, Juice Brothers and the W-Amsterdam.


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