Rocking 2017: 10 Minutes to a Healthier You

Meditation Tips for a healthier you

The Power of Meditation 


In our newest series “Rocking 2017” we want to share La Femme Projects New Year’s Resolutions and get us to a rocking start.


So your family and friends have finally departed, everyone has been well fed and it’s time to return to work. Getting to a healthier you starts with small steps and enhancing our lifestyles. Here is why we aim to do it ourselves at the office: 10 Minute Meditation Boosters.

Meditation is very powerful in improving our well being, both inside and out that even if you were to do just 10 minutes of meditation every day, you would begin to feel tremendous changes in your life mentally, emotionally and even physically.



Meditation Benefits




The Benefits



Reduced anxiety and Stress


If left untreated, stress can have extreme consequences on your health, despite the fact that it may come in varying levels. Stress and anxiety from the workplace is an especially common contributing factor for diseases like Alzheimer’s and even diabetes. When elevated, stress and anxiety can make us worry too much and is associated with gaining weight. So switch off for 10 minutes a day and do some meditation. You will find that this may reduce anxiety and stress levels significantly.



Pain Relief


For those suffering from chronic pain, it can be quite a devitalizing affair on both your finances and your health. However, studies have shown that meditation can reduce the need for pricey sedatives and alleviate pain. Other studies have shown that meditation does this by reinforcing and activating some sections of the brain, which are used to process pain thereby reducing pain overall.



Enhanced productivity


If you are stressed or overworked, your productivity will take a few blows to the head and therefore in order to boost employee effectiveness, mindfulness is a factor that should be thoroughly considered. Practices such as meditation or gentle yoga have tremendous effects on stress levels, cortisol levels, and heart rate, reduced levels of pain, improved sleep quality and improved productivity.



Reduced insomnia


After a long day at work, your body will definitely be exhausted thus your brain will be too excited to sleep. This means that it will start going through thoughts about things you need to do the next day keeping you up for a few more hours than you need to be. A daily 10-minute meditation session can alleviate insomnia by evoking a relaxation response in the body which in turn leads to a deep shift in the body psychologically, all of which results in relief from lots of stress-related conditions like pain, high blood pressure and depression.



Reduced chances of cardiovascular disease


Heart disease is a common occurrence given the increased levels of day-to-day life stress. This makes it a number one cause of deaths among women and men, especially in the United States. Some leading physicians have deduced that meditation is the best method for prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease. 10 minutes of daily meditation can also give a wide variety of benefits for both physical and mental health in addition to decreasing cardiovascular disease and stress levels.



meditation practices




Types of Meditations


Concentration Meditation


This technique is about focusing on a single element such as your breath, repeating a single word or mantra, staring at a candle flame or counting mala beads. Focusing the mind and thoughts just on this can be challenging at first, but try to build up to it daily to reach 10 minutes.


One of the great tips by a monk is to think of your thoughts as a funny monkey. When they jump around, tell the monkey to go play somewhere else and refocus your attention to your single focal point.



Mindfulness Meditation


In Mindfulness meditation let’s continue with the example of the monkey. Here the aim is to observe wandering thoughts and just let them pass by without engaging or judging- as in ignore the monkey and it will just walk away.

Mindfulness meditation helps us understand our thought patterns, how we judge or react to an experience but without further engaging in it and just ticking it off as a mental note. With time we will develop a sense of inner balance and you’ll find it easier to control arising thoughts and emotions especially during everyday activities, meetings or encounters.



How To Meditate for Beginners


Find a peaceful spot inside or outdoors

Sit or lie comfortably

Close your eyes

Make no effort to control the breath; simply breathe naturally.

To start, focus on your breath and on how the body moves with each inhalation and exhalation. Observe your chest, shoulders, rib cage, and belly. Simply focus your attention on your breath without controlling its pace or intensity. If your mind wanders think of our monkey examples, and return your focus back to your breath.



In the beginning it might seem difficult to settle in, find a comfortable position and clear your thoughts. Try meditating for 2 to 3 minutes the first couple of days and then move to longer periods of time.

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