Top 5 Reasons Pilates Benefits Your Body & Sex Life

post on pilates benefits to health and body

1. Back-Pain be Gone – Hello Six Pack


Pilates focuses on your core unlike any other workout. Its formulaic poses build and strengthen your rectus abdominis (your six-pack) and the muscles closest to the spine. With an overall emphasis on correct spinal alignment, the breathing and fluid movements lets you execute movements with maximum power. A strong core will help you keep back pain in check or even reduce it altogether.



2. It takes care of your joints


Fluid and controlled movements minimize the impact on your joints. Pilates elongates and strengthens muscle elasticity and joint movement which leads to less injury and takes pressure off joints.


Reformer pilates is especially effective, using a thick padding that will take the pressure off your back and knees.



3. It reduces stress


The focused movements combined with the correct breathing techniques (breath out when you flex, breath in during recovery), will keep your mind busy enough. During that hour it lets you forget about the outside stress and your body releases endorphins leaving you feeling happy & relaxed.



4. It makes you more flexible


Do the right thing for your body and prevent injury. Pilates is a great way to lengthen your ligaments and muscles. Tightness and short muscles will limit your range of motion and can decrease your performance, but at worst it can lead to injury.



5. Best Part: It makes Sex Better


Pilates movements strengthen your pelvic floor muscles- essentially you are doing Kegel exercises. And with strength comes endurance and heightened pleasure. Added bonus: if you are conceiving, strong pelvic floor muscles will help later during delivery, making it easier to push out the baby.


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